I Love You, Always Playlist

The music from I Love You, Always was even different again. This time, I had two playlists because I felt that there were two different stories being told in the book; Luke’s past and Luke’s future. At the front of the book you will find Luke’s playlist, which represents all the stages he went through to become the person he is today. This is the playlist for his past and the journey he takes to his future. At the back of the book you will find Luke’s playlist for Asha, because not only is she his future, but these songs represent their future, together. In addition to the playlists, every Chapter, or Track, as I call them, features several lines of song lyrics. I wrote these not just because music is a big part of the story, but because I wanted the book to symbolise the journey Luke was taking, facing his past and embracing his future. Because a large portion of the book is about Luke and his band making their first album, I wanted the book itself to chart that journey through “tracks” on this album they were recording. So Chapters became Tracks and each got a set of lyrics. Each of these lyrics at the start of the Tracks will tell you a little about where that chapter is taking you, and together, the “tracks” form the soundtrack of the entire story.

Luke’s Playlist:

1. The Lost Boy – Greg Holden

2. Everyone’s Waiting – Missy Higgins

3. End Of All Days – 30 Seconds to Mars

4. Dancing In The Dark – Tegan & Sara (cover)

5. City Of Angels – 30 Seconds to Mars

6. Best Of You – Foo Fighters

7. Hurricane – 30 Seconds to Mars (unplugged)

8. Lanterns – Birds of Tokyo

9. Where The Streets Have No Name – 30 Seconds to Mars (unplugged cover)

10. Kings & Queens – 30 Seconds to Mars (unplugged)

11. It’s Time – Imagine Dragons

12. Bright Lights – 30 Seconds to Mars

13. Closer To The Edge – 30 Seconds to Mars

14. Something’s Got To Give – OneRepublic

15. Never Be The Same – The Rubens

16. Do Or Die – 30 Seconds to Mars

17. I Lived – OneRepublic


Luke’s Playlist for Asha:

1. Beneath You Beautiful – Labrinth

2. Everything – Lifehouse

3. The Only Exception – Paramore

4. My Completeness – Thirsty Merc

5. Beautiful – Adam Cohen

6. The Shape Of Us – Ian Britt

7. Alibi – 30 Seconds to Mars

8. So In Love – The Icarus Account

9. This Charming Life – Joan Armatrading

10. All Of Me – John Legend

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