I Love You, Always

Ok, so I know Luke’s book has been a long time coming….trust me, it feels like a really long time that I’ve been writing him…and actually, it’s been 2 years.

Anyway, the good news is, he is finally finished! 

And I’m so relieved about this, that I thought I’d share this with you…not a teaser because I’ve done so many of those already. This is a deleted scene.

I have loads of them because I wrote so much of I Love You to Death from Luke’s POV back when I was writing it from Ash’s POV. But I Love You, Always is not a re-telling of I Love You to Death, it’s a different story, so a lot of it didn’t make the cut. 

And now that I Love You, Always is done, there’s also a lot of other scenes that got cut in the editing process because they didn’t quite fit, or re-written because they weren’t quite right.

Anyway, here is one of those scenes…hope you enjoy.

Asha is still asleep as I slide into bed, but she stirs when I pull her body against mine. “You okay?” she asks, her voice heavy with sleep.
I take a deep breath. “Can’t sleep,” I whisper, knowing this is only going to mean she won’t be able to either.
“Want to talk?” she murmurs, rolling over in my arms so she’s facing me. “You been drinking?” she asks as I press a kiss to her lips.
“Yeah, just had a couple with Pete,” I whisper, my hand smoothing over her hair and running down her back to her waist.
“Did it help?” she asks, and I know that’s the only thing she cares about here.
I shrug. “I don’t know, maybe,” I admit. “He tells me I should talk to you.”
I watch as Ash pulls back a little, her eyes open and watching me now. I can tell she’s still sleepy, but she’s focused on this, on getting me to talk. “Pete’s a smart guy,” she says, an eyebrow raised.
I laugh now, leaning in to kiss her. “I know, he really is.”