The next book…

Ok, so you may or may not know that I have been working on two other books since I finished writing I Love You to Death. Actually, both of them were started before I even finished it and both of them are probably at the same stage. One is Luke’s story and the other is Jared & Mia’s story. I love both of them and I want to tell both of them, but I do need to decide which one to finish first.

Well, I have decided, or rather it’s been decided for me – whichever one insists on waking me up at night you see 😉

I’ll let you know which one it is but first I’m being greedy…I wanna get 300 likes on my Facebook page! You know, 300, like that movie that features all the hot guys in very little clothing and awesome CGI abs…yeah that one! And in return for 300 likes, I’ll not only tell you which book is coming next, I’ll give you a teaser which will explain everything.

So, get on over there and “like” me 🙂

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